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Answers to all your questions


Is your animal fiber produced ethically  ?

Yes, our animals receive the best possible care. They have access to pasture grass, quality feed, exercise in a safe space and the company of others.  animals. They have access to shelters and a stable to protect them from the weather. They  receive hygiene and care  veterinarians according to their needs. The fiber is harvested respecting the standards of practice and in an atmosphere to minimize stress on the animal.

Is your production chemical-free  ?

Yes for the majority of our production. Our vegetables and herbs are produced only with certified organic fertilizers. We use organic seeds wherever possible. The ducks and chickens are fed with the organic feed as well as the insects and plants they find in the field. Our hay fields do not receive chemical fertilizers or chemical pesticides or herbicides. The animals for the fiber are fed quality food but it is not certified organic.

What do you produce  ?

For the moment, our production is mainly focused on animal fiber and on the production of herbs and hot peppers. We hope to add fresh eggs next year (chicken, duck). Occasionally we have young animals available as companions or for genetics.

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