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Who are we

Ferme du Domaine Joie de Vivre Inc. is a new agricultural company  with a diversified production. Our specialty is the Argentinian Lama. Our Lamas, and their friends the Alpacas, provide us with beauty  soft pile for processing into wool or textile clothing and accessories. We offer  also delicious fresh products and  fun activities. The agricultural approach is based on the principle of the agroecological system.  We strive to make the most of all that nature has to offer. Our products come directly from our animals and the fields, so you can be sure of their freshness and quality.

We plan to organize  some fun activities that will take place  throughout the year. Consult our calendar of events and come visit us as a family for a day of happiness at Ferme du Domaine Joie de Vivre Inc.

À propos de nous: Notre ferme
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