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Domaine Joie de Vivre Inc.

In harmony with nature

Here, the llamas reign over their domain. Our Argentine and Bolivian llamas welcome you with their little companions: alpacas, goats (angora, kigora), rabbit, chickens,  and ducks. Our animals offer you quality products (fiber, wool, eggs and others). They watch over the gardens and fields to provide you with tasty market garden produce. Make an appointment to come visit them. Take advantage of the moment to purchase some of our beautiful products.

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Products the whole family will love

From the farm

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Fibers and wool from our animals

We are proud to offer our customers fiber  and wool from our llamas, alpacas and rabbits for your spinning, felting, knitting, crochet or weaving needs. Occasionally we have finished products.  Please know that artisan products we sell in our store come from animals raised with love and harvested  responsibly, so that you can fully enjoy the gifts of our beautiful animals.

Fils de couleur

Seasonal vegetables and fruits

Buy our Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits to truly appreciate what nature has to offer! We go to great lengths to be able to guarantee that everything we sell at Ferme du Domaine Joie de Vivre Inc. is 100% natural. Through our efforts, we are able to assure you that all of our products contain the healthy nutrients that are lost when food is produced industrially.

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Guided tour
Guided tour
By appointment only.
At the farm
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St-Éphrem-de-Beauce (Quebec) G0M 1R0

(418) 459-3232

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